Nautica Malibu Triathlon Weekend Recap

Nautica Malibu Triathlon Weekend Recap

I’ve had a couple weeks to digest the crazy fun weekend I spent in LA to participate in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with the Disney Triathlon Team, and man, was I inspired. Come along for the ride!

On Friday, we had a team dinner scheduled on the Walt Disney Studio Lot, so I took the opportunity to visit the Imagineering Campus (mostly to shop at Mickey’s of Glendale) and to hang out on the lot!

an iconic corner, hanging with Pluto’s personal hydrant

We visited the Archives, saw the multiplane camera that was used during production of Snow White, and even caught a quick glimpse of the Muppets sets! Dinner was wonderful, getting to meet new friends and catch up with a couple old and dear ones, and we had great weather for al fresco dining outside the screening theater.

with my pal Alice, who is a great tour guide!

After a team meeting and Q&A, it was time to head out and get some rest.

fun neon while leaving!

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With Grace and Honesty: thoughts about The Intern

Having recently read both Why Not Me? and Modern Romance while traveling, I’ve had a little time to think about both of these insightful books. Specifically, I’ve enjoyed the themes of connecting with people in person, honestly and authentically. This may sound like a strange sentiment to share on a blog; however, it’s truly weighed on my spirit and warranted my consideration. I find myself seeking quality relationships, whether platonic or romantic; these books helped solidify my resolve to say “no” to flaky companions and my behavior in treating others well and with respect.
These themes dovetailed so nicely with seeing “The Intern”, and I found myself marveling at the story in the theater. I think I was expecting more of a typical rom-com, even though I am a giant Nancy Meyers fan. This film delved into scary, necessary conversations about continuing to interact genuinely with the rise of more tech and options and women and the quest to “have it all”. I’ve done my absolute best to avoid spoilers for you, so read with abandon.

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#LDRClub : Once a Runner, part 1

I totally missed the Twitter chat last night with the Long Distance Reading Club that Oiselle has started, but that doesn’t mean I have to totally miss the discussion opportunities! I echo the thanks to Andrea, who penned the questions for the first half discussion. I read through Chapter 20 before answering these questions.
Q1: The beginning of the book starts off with Quenton observing other runners. How do you think it sets the tone of the book?
This introspective beginning seemed a tad elitist, but I think that many of us can be guilty of that in areas where we are specialists or experts. I did love recognizing my “tribe” of runners, and I don’t fault Q for his view…this seems typical of the experience of learning a degree of humility in college coupled with Q’s abilities that set him apart.
Q2: Do you think this novel is more meaningful, more insightful to a competitive runner? Someone who ran in college? I am getting that feeling, but it’s also given me a new appreciation for my dear sorority sisters who ran track and cross-country. I’ve often thought this year that I wish I would have participated, but it’s never too late to start!
Q3: Do you think the book shows running as an inclusive or exclusive activity? Inclusive as far as people seeking modes of exercise, but exclusive to those who are truly dedicated and in for the long, hard slog. I have liked the exclusive tones because it has challenged me to think of times when I allow mental excuses to get in the way instead of persevering through it. Not healthy across the board, but it has been a good jumping off point for reflection.
Q4: What do you think of the few female characters in the book? What role do they play? As I expected due to the time period when the book is written, the women are very much background characters and a foil to the dedication for running. They approach life like the stereotypical young lady of the 70s.
Q5: Do you think the lack of women’s sports in the book is an oversight, reflection of the time when written, or irrelevant? Reflection of the time when it was written, and also being set in Florida. I find it consistent, and I am so grateful that women’s sports, especially running, have become so inclusive and empowering and limits-testing.
Q6: Are you enjoying the book? What do you think of Parker’s writing style? This book is not what I expected and very much unlike anything I’ve recently read. I’ve appreciated the challenge of reading this with an open mind, both understanding the context of the authorship and finding myself grateful for strides we as general society have made today and the opportunities I have now.
Did you participate in the #LDRClub discussion? Anything to add? Have you read Once a Runner?

adjusting expectations and the resulting lightness

adjusting expectations and the resulting lightness
I am 3 months out from marathon #3, and admittedly, though I am 10 kinds of excited to run Route 66, this training cycle has been fraught with some frustrations of slow, injury-riddled summer and losing some serious mental battles. Aka, talking myself out of my training plan and being absolutely intimidated by it.
So I did a little soul searching yesterday, and thus a little googling for a beginner’s marathon training plan. This may sound counterintuitive, but I didn’t feel as prepared as I wanted to for my last two marathons. Was I happy with my performances? Absolutely for both. In this case, I want to  continue to give myself a fighting shot at a shiny new PR, and my original plan was not going to get me there.
Thankfully, Google quickly brought me to this plan from Popsugar, running 4-5 days a week, with foam rolling and strength training written out for me! These are two areas I need help with, and it’s what sold me on this plan. So I am jumping in at week 6, and was absolutely encouraged by my 4 miles this morning, after a great foam rolling session before bed last night.
I’ve been jamming out to the Gilmore Guys podcast (hilarious, add immediately) and laying out clothes the night before and quieting excuses Truthfully, this has been a summer of struggle running and easy discouragement. To start off strong, I’ve printed it out to go with a squat challenge on paper, and I am taking great satisfaction in checking off my workout for the day.
In other great news, I’ve EXCEEDED my fundraising goal for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon! Thank you to all my dear friends supporting, and congrats Joe on your Starbucks tumbler! 🙂 If you would still like to donate, you may do so here by August 27!
Do you ever struggle with your training plans or mental blocks?

FUNDRAISE-A-THON PART 2 and Starbucks Disney Parks Mug Winners

Happy Tuesday, friends! We have all the fun happening today. ICYMI, my dear pal Carlee let me guest post my insider tips for runDisney registration.

In other news, my fundraise-a-thon #1 for the Malibu Triathlon ended yesterday, and the winners of their choice of Disney Parks Starbucks You are Here mugs are Sarah and Dee! Ladies, email me your preference of mug and mailing address 🙂

But I’d hate for the rest of you to have a little FOMO. Just when you and I both thought the fun was over, I received an email from the Disney Tri Team captain:

“The Disney Tri Team has $50 ready for the person that raises the most cash from right now till 5PM PTon Thursday night.”

I am less than $90 away from my goal, and I would love your help in winning this extra $50! Every $10 donation to my fundraiser before 8PM ET Thursday night, I’ll enter you in a drawing for ANOTHER Starbucks Disney Parks item: the clear cold cup tumblers!

All gifts, large and small are so meaningful and will help save lives of children living with cancer not only in Southern California but throughout the world. The race director of the triathlon shared a story that got me even more excited to meet this goal: Juanito, a kid diagnosed with leukemia and a bigger running dreams.

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2015 Bolder Boulder 10k: Sea Level is for Sissies

2015 Bolder Boulder 10k: Sea Level is for Sissies

Long overdue and needed to be said, I had a GREAT time at this year’s Bolder Boulder, America’s All-Time Best 10K! This race has been a family affair, and I can remember staring at my mom’s posters from participating and enjoying her stories of participating in the race from before my sister and I were even thought of. I signed up with just a little trepidation, but was ready to hit the ground running.

Here are some immediate stats that you may want to know if you are considering the Bolder Boulder:

Race Date: Memorial Day (the holiday in May ;)) The 2016 date is May 30!

Altitude: pretty serious, Boulder sits at 5430 ft above sea level

Field Size: Thousands on thousands. The energy is crazy, man.

Corral seeding?: These guys were SO easy to work with. They want proof of you finishing under 68 minutes since the last Bolder Boulder. You can do this via email for any race 2 miles and above. If you’re local, you can go hop on a treadmill at a designated running store for a 2 mile time trial!

Packet Pick Up? : plenty of opportunity to go get your race packet prior to the race in Boulder, or you can opt to have it mailed to you for an addtional fee. I went the mailing route and loved getting my bib and chip in the mail, as well as my participant tee and included calendar!

Swag?: You choose what kind of shirt you want when you register, from short sleeve cotton, to long sleeve tech. They send an awesome participant calendar with your packet with your final race instructions. The calendar pages themselves are pre-filled with important race dates from all over the world. After the race, you get a sweet re-usable sling back filled with snacks, and participants 21+ get a craft beer! ALSO FREE RACE PHOTOS THAT ARE LEGIT. (see below)

Would I do this again?: I signed up the week after this year, if that tells you anything. the TL;DR version is below (but do read it!)

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2015 Never Land 5K

With the 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend registration approaching, I thought I should share my belated experience at the 5K! You can read my 2014 10k recap as well. (Apparently, I never wrote my recap of the 2013 half marathon, so here it is in a nutshell: favorite runDisney half marathon. SIGN UP FOR THIS ONE.)

This year, I had the distinct pleasure of attending my third Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend for business. In between working long hours at the Expo and meeting up with friends old and new (what’s up #werunsocial), I got to round out my weekend trifecta with participating in the Never Land 5K!

My goal for the race was to finish early enough to have time for a shower and nap before needing to work. Still on Eastern Time, my 2:30am alarm wasn’t as jarring as it could have been. I donned the famous mermaid shirt I had made for Tink 2013, pulled on my “fins”, (these magical Oiselle capris), grabbed the running belt and bib, and headed out the door to a light drizzle. WHAT? This is California! Well okay. 

I walked over to the parks from the Disneyland Hotel, and stopped for a quick hello to my pals working information before heading towards the gate. If you’re looking to run this race, let me offer this protip: there are not assigned corrals for the Never Land 5k, but based on first-come, first-corralled. Knowing this, I powerwalked as quickly as I could up to the right side of the castle and was at the front of the line. While I was waiting, a couple of my WDW pals showed up, and we had a nice time chatting before the emcees arrived as London bobbies. 

We also saw the wheelchair athletes staging, and at this particular Never Land 5k, there was a younger girl whose Make a Wish dream was to participate in a race with superstar Tatyanna McFadden, Boston Marathon champ. It was inspiring to see her in person and truly mentoring this girl. There were two other wheelchair athletes, and they all ended up sticking together to make this girl’s race experience unforgettable.

Finally, I was getting race antsy and it was time to start. We were staged between the Matterhorn and the Alice in Wonderland bathrooms, and before I knew it, the air horn was blowing and we were off!

spot me with my Garmin face?
The first mile wound around the backstage of Toontown and Frontierland before running through a tunnel to reach the onstage area. A few speedy ladies and gentlemen sped around me, and I was glad to have room to navigate slick road and avoid puddles. By the time I reached the first mile marker, I was mostly alone. 


still clutching the start line streamer that entangled itself around me

I saw some of my favorite pirates outside Pirates of the Caribbean, and with no one around, I had to stop. Once I got my phone resituated, I took off for New Orleans Square and Critter Country, and from this point on, I was alone. IT WAS SO MAGICAL, ONE OF MY FAVORITE RACE EXPERIENCES. 

We circled around back coming towards the front of Disneyland Park, ran across the front of the gates and to the bus loop to cross underneath the path and enter California Adventure. The crowd support along that bit of the Esplanade was a great pick me up, especially when my hip started to feel that adrenaline filled first mile. 

Rounded the corner by Tower of Terror to come around Hollywood Boulevard and see the gorgeous sights of pre-dawn California Adventure. The neon in Cars Land was bright and cheery, and I loved being able to experience it by myself, in a really weird way. Finally, with an extra cheer from the Lost Boys by the Pier, it was time to bring it home.


flying fast and free

And that photo says it all: so happy to enjoy this race, and the finish line was just beyond that!


my favorite place at sunrise
  I slowly walked out of the park with my refreshments and water when it began to rain again. Took refuge in the Downtown Disney Starbucks for a well earned macchiato and breakfast sandwich, and sure enough, had time for a hot shower and hunkering down in the room.
I would definitely recommend this race for a runDisney experience, though mine was certainly unique. If you want to avoid crowding, arrive early!